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    Bird Watching in Pangot, India

    More than 250 species of birds have been recorded in the area. One can have excellent birding opportunities in the lodge itself. Besides, there are numerous walks through the terrace fields into thickly wooded oak forest which are extremely rewarding.

    There are good trails from the lodge to Timla Pani, Ggughu Khan, Kilbury Forest Rest House and on to Cheena Peak. The guide may accompany you on these treks (prebooking required).

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    Woodpecker Point

    (Pokhra Dhar)

    One of the area’s most reliable birding spots, this is a fairly level 2 km walk from Pangot via both an old British bridle path and the main road. It has a shallow pool (Pokhar) where you can easily glimpse birds such as brown –fronted and grey – hooded woodpeckers, as well as the luminous maroon oriole and jewel-like blue Verditer Flycatcher.

    Pangot Nala

    This stream runs nearly all year round. As you walk from Pangot to Kilbury, you will cross a bridge after 1 km. Turn right on the path going up from the bridge along the stream. This is excellent picnic territory; take a dip I the pools, even chill your beer in them. Look out for spotted forktails, long-billed thrushes, and brown wood owls.