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    Top Attractions

    Forest Trail

    A very pleasant road meanders down from Pangot to the neighboring villages of Pali (30 min walk), Tusharpani (another 15min) and Baggar (yet another 30 min). Vistas of forested hills, fields of vegetables and slate-roofed houses are the highlights. In springtime, the red rhododendron and white apricot blossoms create a riot of color. The road is car-friendly too. 

    Another downhill forest trail starts from the main Pangot road, on the opposite side of the post office. You can walk down an easy 2 km to a small Shiva shrine, near which runs a refreshing stream.

    A long yet mostly flat trek leads you through the forest reserve of Kilbury from the main Kilbury road.  An early morning traverse can be a bonanza for bird lovers and the sounds of nature, birds chirping, leaves rustling is all very peaceful. There is something very calming about walking amidst the lush green forest.

    Tanki road bifurcates from the main road and through the Kilbury Forest Reserve has over 150 species of birds, where you can spot anything from the tiny Eurasian treecreeper to the beautiful spotted Forktail, the snarly Lammergeier and Himalayan griffon to the starkly colored Scarlet finch, and the exotic Khaleej pheasant to the Canary Flycatcher.