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    When is the best time to visit Bandhavgarh?

    Bandhavgarh remains closed from July to October due to the monsoons, so the best time to visit is November to June. Sightings are maximum in summer due to reduced foliage, and the fact that tigresses with cubs will often be secretive in winter months.

    How do I get to Bandhavgarh?

    Please refer to the page provided for information on how to reach Kaziranga.

    What animals and birds can I expect to see at Bandhavgarh?

    Bandhavgarh is famous for its population of tigers. Apart from tigers, the park is also home to a good population of Leopards, deer (Sambar, Spotted Deer, Muntjac), and Nilgai, as well as many other smaller mammals. Birdwatching is a great experience in Bandhavgarh, with birds like eagles, vultures, Lesser Adjutants, Indian Nuthatch, Black-hooded Oriole, Indian Peafowl, Red Junglefowl, and more calling it home.

    What kind of permits do I need to visit Bandhavgarh?

    A safari permit is required to explore the jungle in the park. These can be booked beforehand by your tour operator, or resort. It is advised to carry your original ID document, especially the one used to book your safari permit, in case checking is required.

    Is vegetarian/vegan food available in Bandhavgarh?

    From pure vegetarian to non-vegetarian foods, all sorts of food are available in Bandhavgarh. Although the cuisine of certain places differs from the rest, there is no scarcity in menus offered by restaurants or lodges, in the tourist hotspots. In case of any food allergies or special requirements, you are advised to inform your tour operator or lodge beforehand.